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Next Performance

When: NOV 27TH, 2015 - 9:00pm

Where: Folly Brewpub (928 College St., Toronto, ON M6G 2L8)

NOV 26TH, 2015 ~ Folly Brewpub
Tomorrow (Nov 27) at Folly Brewpub (928 College St., Toronto)

Arlene Paculan & The Cool Ones
James Faulkner
Rosana Filipe

$5 cover
Doors open at 8:30pm

Hope to see you there!

NOV 24TH, 2015 ~ SRB Radio / Beit Zatoun
Arlene was interviewed by Gabbie Cabbie on SRB Radio way back on the night of her performance at The Jam House - Birmingham.
You can check out the interview down below by tuning into about the 17:11 mark:

Also, Arlene performs tonight at Beit Zatoun (612 Markham St., Toronto, ON M6G 2L8) for the third anniversary of Shab-e She'r (Poetry Night).
She is the featured musician alongside the featured poets: Lee Maracle and Charles C. Smith

If you would like to know more about the event, you can check out the Facebook event page.

Happy Tuesday!

NOV 23RD, 2015 ~ NOW Best Of / dunk 'n dip
ICYMI: Arlene was the NOW's 2015 Readers' Choice Runner-Up for Best Songwriter!


Got my award a little late but here it is! Thanks again for all your votes! Thank you @nowtoronto for the award! #NOWBestof #singersongwriter #Canadian #thankyou

A photo posted by @ourleanpea on

Also, Arlene performs tonight at Mississauga's dunk 'n dip! (241 Lakeshore Road East, Mississauga, ON L5G 1G8)
Arlene sings at dunk 'n dip every Monday from 7pm-10pm. So if you're feeling like indulging in their vast selection of desserts while listening to some live music from Arlene, feel free to drop by :)

Happy Monday!

NOV 13TH, 2015 ~ Hirut Restaurant with Super Men
Arlene is back in Canada!
Her first performance back will be tonight at Hirut Restaurant (2050 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4C 1J6) along with other talented Super Men!
Feel free to drop by to listen to some live performances and enjoy great Ethiopian cuisine :)

NOV 6TH, 2015 ~ Jam / One Last Performance
Arlene performed at Jam in Nice, France last night!
For those in the GTA, Arlene's first performance back will be on Nov 13 @ Hirut Restaurant in Toronto.


Had a great time performing at JAM with these two, Christophe and Irin (and his puppy stayed on stage with us) They've asked me to come back Sunday Nov 8! #Nice #France #diymusiciantour #singersongwriter

A photo posted by @ourleanpea on

Have a good weekend everyone!

NOV 5TH, 2015 ~ NOW's Best of Toronto Results are in!

It's me again!  I want to send out a huge THANK YOU to all those that voted for me for Best Songwriter in Now Magazine's Reader's Choice Awards.  I received runner-up status after Ron Hawkins of Do Good Assassins! We were up against some songwriting greats like Hayden, Ron Sexsmith, and Emma-Lee!

Ok, off to my gig at Jam!! <3 Arlene

NOV 4TH, 2015 ~ CoolEuroUK Session #6 & #7 ~ Message from Arlene!
Hi everyone! It's Arlene checking in :) I have a couple new CoolEuroUK sessions for you to view - mainly because I want you to see the beauty that I was able to witness during my travels. #6 is from Amsterdam and #7 is from Nice, where I am currently.  I'm using this week to write write write! I made an outrageous goal of creating 50 songs before I go home - aaand I decided to make that goal when I was near the half way mark of my tour. Whoops. Sooo, I've cut it down to 25 songs.  I have written 14 so far.  I like to give myself outrageous goals sometimes! You should try it, you can surprise yourself! 
CoolEuroUK Session #7: Nice Beach

Funny fact: I was singing the song "Belle" (from the musical Beauty and the Beast) in my head on my way out the door.  That movie took place in France, didn't it?  And! The streets here are just like you see in the movies: narrow, scooters and motorbikes making their way through and clothes hanging to dry outside the windows.  Yes, I was amused!
CoolEuroUK Session # 6: de Ruyschkamer (<--Make sure you visit that venue when you go! What a great place!)

This was fun.  I wish I stayed in Amsterdam a little longer, but I can always come back.  The cyclists have it made here.  Not only do they have their own paths, but they have their own traffic lights and they pretty much dominate the roads.  I think I would be really nervous being a cyclist here.
Ok! See you when I get back to Canada!! Check out my tour dates for when I'm performing in the GTA!
<3 Arlene

NOV 1ST, 2015 ~ de Ruyschkamer / Jam
Arlene just finished her performance at de Ruyschkamer in Amsterdam, Netherlands:


I had a great time performing my #originals and #covers at @deruyschkamer! Thank you so much Scip for the opportunity to play in #Amsterdam! And thank you to the boys that sang Taylor Swift and Britney Spears songs with me! #livemusic #singersongwriter #Canadian #diymusiciantour

A photo posted by @ourleanpea on

Arlene hasn't finished her Europe tour just yet! She recently booked a new performance at Jam in Nice, France on November 5th.
Hope to see you there if you're in town!

Have a happy Sunday!

OCT 31ST, 2015 ~ 1,000 Likes on Facebook

Let's help Arlene get to 1,000 Likes on Facebook! She's almost there as she is currently sitting at 980!

Head over to her Facebook page by clicking here and pressing the like button!

Have a Happy Halloween!

OCT 29TH, 2015 ~ Have You Subscribed Yet?
Have you subscribed to Arlene's YouTube channel yet? You can do so by heading over to her main page and clicking the "Subscribe" button.
Let's help her get to 200 subscribers!
Meanwhile, you can also check out her CoolEuroUK Sessions where she gives updates about her Europe tour and plays some of her newest originals:

Hope you have a happy Thursday!

OCT 28TH, 2015 ~ The Jam House
Last night, Arlene performed at The Jam House in Birmingham:


What a great night here at @thejamhouse! Thank you Ben Drummond for the opportunity to play here! Thank you Linton for letting me use the electric baby grand! BB King played here! #livemusic #Birmingham #England #diymusiciantour

A photo posted by @ourleanpea on

Arlene will be stepping out of the UK to perform at de Ruyschkamer in Amsterdam, Netherlands!
If you're in the area, feel free to check her out on November 1 @ 7:00pm.

Hope you have a great Wednesday!

OCT 27TH, 2015

I have a new song to share! I wrote it with a very talented singer-songwriter (and one of my best friends) Daniella Fabiano.  This was from the past weekend in High Wycombe, England.  Last time we wrote a song we were both in Toronto! 


I have also been discovered by Toronto-based production company, SRC Media! Check out my promo video and like/follow them on Facebook!

Until next time! <3 Arlene

OCT 23RD ~ Message from Arlene & CoolEuroUK Session #4
Hello my dear fans!  I hope you're having a wonderful weekend!
I'm currently writing to you from Hadleigh, England and have been hanging out with the sea, which is just south of where I'm staying.  I have a fun short CoolEuroUK Session below which I took on the Southend Pier - which is actually known as the world's largest pleasure pier in the world! 

Seriously.  There were gaps between the planks that made my legs weak and my stomach flip! 

Although, the entire pier wasn't built that way (there were many areas that were built much better!), my eyes reverted down as I walked across because of my fear of heights.  I could see the water underneath me! And! There was a train that came every so often that shook the pier - which also made me way too cautious.  Hehe :P 
Besides that, I'm on my way to High Wycombe this weekend before I head to my gig in Birmingham next Tuesday.  Thanks to my brother, Matthew, you're getting great updates of my tour!  Great news for fans in Nice, France: I'll be performing at Jam when I head over there in the beginning of November.  Date will be confirmed soon. :)
Also! for Toronto/Mississauga and surrounding area fans, I'll be starting up at dunk 'n dip on Monday Nov 16th and every Monday after that!  As well as my monthly residencies at Hirut Restaurant and Folly Brewpub (formerly known as Habits Gastropub).  See my tour page for exact dates! 
I will check in real soon! Have a wonderful day!
<3 Arlene

OCT 21ST, 2015 ~ ICYMI: Podcast of Arlene @ The Spree
In case you missed it, Arlene performed at The Spree - Paisley's National Arts Festival.
You can listen to her whole performance if you click here!
Hope you've had a wonderful Wednesday :)

OCT 20TH, 2015 ~ Open Mic @ East Coast Social

Arlene performed at an open mic last night at East Coast Social in Southend-on-Sea:


We're off to #EastCoastSocial for an #openmic @pearson.am's first one to attend! #livemusic #England #Southend

A photo posted by @ourleanpea on


#Openmic here at @eastcoastsoc. Aaand #BritainsGotTalent scouts are here :) Well, I had to fill a form out after, hopefully #SimonCowell takes wind of the #audition! #hereshoping

A photo posted by @ourleanpea on

OCT 20TH, 2015 ~ New Video - Jam Night

Arlene has a new video up on her Youtube channel. She had a little jam session while hanging out with her cousin and his friends from King's College:


What a fun jam night we had with my cousin and his friends from #KingsCross #KingsCollege! It's so amazing how music really brings people together, encourages them to sing when they don't usually, and gives them a fun time! #London #England #livemusic #Illmissyouguys #ilovemusic #whyidoit

A video posted by @ourleanpea on

OCT 17TH, 2015 ~ Arlene's Performance @ The Spree
Arlene performed at The Spree - Paisley's National Arts Festival on the Danny Kyle Open Stage this past Monday.
You can listen to the recording of her performance by going to the following link:

Hope you all had a wonderful Saturday :)

OCT 16TH, 2015 ~ ICYMI: Arlene @ Star Folk Club, The Admiral Bar
In case you missed it, Arlene performed at Star Folk Club inside The Admiral Bar this past Tuesday (Oct 13).
Thanks to Eric Hathaway, you can check out four of her originals that she performed live that night:

OCT 16TH, 2015 ~ CoolEuroUK Session #3 + New Original

Arlene released her third CoolEuroUK Session which includes a new original, "Fool for You":

OCT 16TH, 2015 ~ ICYMI: Arlene @ The Spree
In case you missed it, Arlene performed at The Spree- Paisley's National Arts Festival this past Monday (Oct 12).
Here's she is performing an original, "He Got Me", on the Danny Kyle Open Stage:

OCT 16TH, 2015 ~ 13th Note
Arlene performed at 13th Note this past Wednesday (Oct 14) which is located in Glasgow, Scotland.


I'm performing tonight here! @13thnote @official13thnot #singersongwriter #Canadian #Glasgow #Scotland #lookMom!

A photo posted by @ourleanpea on

OCT 14TH, 2015 ~ The Spree, CoolEuroUK Session and The Admiral Bar
ICYMI: Arlene performed at The Spree, Paisley's National Arts Festival.

Here's Arlene at The Spree with two talented 15-year-olds, Rachelle & Brittany Davies, who also performed on the Danny Kyle Open Stage.

Arlene also released her second CoolEuroUK session:

Last night, Arlene performed at The Admiral Bar where she opened for Marilyn Middleton and Sandy Stanage.

(left: Arlene with Marilyn Middleton, right: Arlene with Tom (left) and Ian (right) from Star Folk Club)


Another amazing show here in #Scotland! I love this place so so much! Thank you to Tom and Ian from #TheStarFolkClub for having me open for an amazing duo, Marilyn Middleton and Sandy Stanage! #Glasgow #Canadian #singersongwriter #diymusiciantour

A photo posted by @ourleanpea on

Arlene's next performance will be tonight, 7pm at 13th Note (50-60 King St, Glasgow G1 5QT, United Kingdom).

If you're down for some live music and are in the Glasgow area tonight, hope to see you there!

OCT 13TH, 2015 ~ Radio Interview, The Spree, and Upcoming Shows
ICYMI: Arlene will be on Travels with My Auntie Liz which airs on Celtic Music Radio 95FM in Glasgow. You can listen live online to her interview with Auntie Liz Clark today at 3pm and 9pm ET as well as tomorrow at 8am ET.

Arlene also graced the Danny Kyle Open Stage during the The Spree - Paisley's National Arts Festival last night.


What a great show here in the #spiegeltent at the #DannyKyleOpenStage in #PaisleysNationalArtsFestival! Another #packedhouse! #Canadian #singersongwriter #livemusic

A photo posted by @ourleanpea on

Her performance aired live on Celtic Music Radio and will be available in podcast format. We'll let you know when the recorded version is available.

Arlene has shows on back-to-back days coming up!
Today, she'll be performing at The Admiral Bar (72 Waterloo St, Glasgow G2 7DA, United Kingdom) @ 8pm local time.
Tomorrow (Oct 14), she'll head to 13th Note (50-60 King St, Glasgow G1 5QT, United Kingdom) @ 7pm local time.

Hope to see you there!

OCT 12TH, 2015

Hi everyone! It's Arlene - I'm here to send you a message. :)

HAPPY HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you, your family and loved ones! I'm missing my family and friends while I'm over here in Scotland, however, I'm very thankful for each and every one of them, and YOU, for being in my life.  It's your love and support in my music that I'm really thankful for and will continue to make this fun noise everywhere I go.  I'm thankful for the people I've met along the way who have either danced, clapped along, or bobbed their head to my music.  I'm very thankful for the people who have been so gracious to help make this DIY tour possible - I honestly couldn't have done this without your generous help and support to independent music!  And special thanks to my Mom - thanks for teaching me how to have guts and tenacity and persistance to do something like this and for being my tour partner at the start of this trip.  And another special thanks to my brother, Matt, who is keeping you up to date, here on my website! 

Tonight, I'll be performing on a really cool European stage - the Spiegeltent at the Paisley's National Arts Festival.  There is so much culture and wonderful architecture all around me - some buildings were made in the 1800s! What?!

You can listen in at Celtic Music Radio - don't worry, it'll be podcasted, AND I'll be on Auntie Liz's show tomorrow evening so tune in (EST peeps, it'll be on in the afternoon) 

That's it from me for now - Keep checking back for updates on where I'm headed and what I've done! Thanks to Matt!

I'll leave you with CoolEuroUK Session #2! (click on the photo!)

Love you and miss you all and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!
<3 Arlene


OCT 9TH, 2015 - Radio Interview on Celtic Music Radio 95FM - Glasgow
Arlene will be joining Auntie Liz Clark on Celtic Music Radio 95FM in Glasgow.
No need to worry if you're not in the Glasgow area. You can listen live online from anywhere!
The interview will be played during the next episode of Travels with My Auntie Liz which will air on October 13 at 3pm and 9pm ET and October 14 at 8am ET.

OCT 9TH, 2015 - Aviemore, The Spree, and a New Video Series
Arlene had a wonderful time in Aviemore, playing at The Old Bridge Inn last night:


Thank you #OldBridgeInn for an incredible night! Playing for this audience was so amazing! #packedhouse #listeningaudience #Aviemore #Scotland #diymusiciantour #singersongwriter Next show - Oct 12 @ Paisley's National Arts Festival! 5pm

A photo posted by @ourleanpea on

Her next performance will be October 12 during The Spree - Paisley's National Art's Festival in Glasgow, Scotland.

She will be performing on the Danny Kyle Open Stage at 5:00pm.

Entry is FREE!

Arlene is starting a new video series!

She will be releasing CoolEuroUK Sessions throughout her trip. Check out her first video which features a new original:

OCT 6TH, 2015
Arlene performed today at The Market Bar Inverness which is where The Proclaimers--famous for their hit, I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)--got their start.
She performed her originals as well as various covers in front of a packed house.



Big thanks to Shirley and #TheMarketBar for having at this really fun venue! Thank you to all that came out on a Tuesday! #packhouse #singersongwriter #diymusiciantour #Inverness #Scotland

A photo posted by @ourleanpea on

Arlene's next performance will be October 8 (8pm) at The Old Bridge Inn (23 Dalfaber Rd, Aviemore, Inverness-shire PH22 1PU, United Kingdom).

Come by and show your support during Arlene's Europe Tour!

OCT 5TH, 2015

Aside from performing, Arlene has been able to do some exploring around Europe.

Here are some shots of her adventure around Inverness, Scotland:

She also enjoyed quite the unique busking experience:



Just busked for my very first time - (that wasn't organized) and sold a CD! #Scotland #Inverness #singersongwriter #diymusiciantour

A photo posted by @ourleanpea on

Arlene's next performance will be tomorrow (Oct 6) at Marketbar Inverness (32 Church St, Inverness IV1 1EH, United Kingdom).

If you're in the area, feel free to show her your support and check out some live music!

SEPT 28TH, 2015
Arlene had a busy day today as she performed at two different venues in Northumberland County.


Fun gig at #TheClefandCask in #Cramlington earlier this evening - one more gig tonight at The Seashore!

A photo posted by @ourleanpea on

Here's Arlene at gig #1 performing in The Clef and Cask, Cramlington.


What a great way to end this weekends gigs here in #Northumberland! Thank you to everyone who made it out and special thanks to Dave Cowan who helped make this all happen! #livemusic #DIYmusiciantour Off to #Scotland for next week's gigs!

A photo posted by @ourleanpea on

Arlene then finished her day off at The Seahorse in Blyth.

She will now take her Europe tour to Scotland with her next performance being at Market Bar Inverness on October 6.

If you happen to be in the area, feel free to watch her live and show your support!


SEPT 26TH, 2015

Arlene’s second performance of her Europe tour was at the Post Box Cafe in Ponteland, England.

Tomorrow she has TWO performances!

5:00pm - The Clef & Cask (Dewley, Cramlington, Northumberland, NE23 6DT)

8:30pm – The Seashore (415 Plessey Rd., Blyth, Northumberland, NE24 3LP)

If you’re in the area, come check her out!

SEPT 20TH, 2015

Arlene started off her Europe tour with a performance at The Spice of Life - Pub & Music Bar in Soho, London.

Next performance:

8:30pm - Post Box Cafe (11 Main St., Ponteland, Northumberland NE20 9NH)

SEPT 16TH, 2015
I made it to England! Highlights so far: walking down a flight of stairs from the plane - kind of like in the movies, mesmerized by their roads and how it's the other side, watching a fun movie on the plane called Danny Collins which starred Al Pacino who was a singer-songwriter, and the sweet Italian lady beside me who hardly spoke English and the only words she could tell me were Toronto, Mississauga, and the number 5 - which was the age of her granddaughter in Mississauga (yeeh represent!) I am here for a couple months and will be performing around! Here are my gig dates so far:

Hope to see you if you're around the areas! Please feel free to share the info with those that you know are in the area! Hehehe. My number one fan that is best known as Mom to me is joining me in a short while.  Then we adventure! Keep checking back for my adventures! <3 ♥ (Also 2 more days to vote for me for Best Songwriter in NOW Toronto's Reader's Choice Awards! See link to vote below. THANK YOU!)

SEPT 1st, 2015
Happy September!
I hope you're having a wonderful rest of the summer - if you're in Mississauga or around the GTA, I hope you enjoy the amaaaazing weather we'll be having!
I'm not sure if you know, I run the event and artist promotion company, Let's Make Good Productions, with Kat Leonard and we recently scored a tv show called "WonderFest TV"! It airs on Rogers TV Peel starting TONIGHT! Click HERE for more details!
I'll also be heading out to gig in the the UK/Europe for a few months so stay tuned for my adventures!
In the meantime, please vote for me for the Best Songwriter for this year's NOW Magazine's Readers Choice Awards. I'm so flattered to be up against Emma-Lee, Ron Sexsmith, Hayden, and many other talents! You can vote for me HERE :)
Also check out my tour page to catch me before I head across the pond.  I'll be performing solo and with The Cool Ones a few more times!
Hope to see you soon!
<3 Arlene

JULY 8th, 2015
Hello! Thanks for stopping by my website.  I hope you visit often ;)
Thank you to all that attended our shows at the Toronto Jazz Festival! Also, special thanks to Habits Gastropub for the opportunity to perform there with many talented bands and artists. 
Guess what! I've been nominated for Best Songwriter for this year's NOW Magazine's Readers Choice Awards. I'm so flattered to be up against Emma-Lee, Ron Sexsmith, Hayden, and many other talents! You can vote for me HERE :)
Also up for awards are:
Past Wonder Women performer and host of WonderFest Poetry Series:
Lizzie Violet - Best Spoken Word Artist VOTE HERE
Home of the WonderFest Weekly Series:
Habits Gastropub - Best Gastropub VOTE HERE and Best Scotch Selection VOTE HERE
Thank you for your support!
This Friday I'll be performing with some incredible Super Men!  Hope to see you there!

<3 Arlene

JUNE 18th, 2015
I hope you're enjoying your June so far!
I'm excited to get started with performing at this year's TD Toronto Jazz Festival at Habits Gastropub! Thank you Michelle and Luis for the opportunity! The Cool Ones and I will be performing every night at 10pm - June 19, 20, 22nd - 26th.  Lots of talented bands will be joining us each night! And it's only $10 :) See you then! <3

ALSO! I'll be performing at the Bier Markt Esplanade TONIGHT!

JUNE 2nd, 2015
Guess what?! For those of you that know me, I'm a very HUGE Our Lady Peace fan(atic).  They are my favourite band.  In the world.  The whole wide world. Raine Maida is the lead singer of that band.  Some would say I was obsessed with him.  I think it was just a form of sincere admiration. ;) Anyway! I got to meet him - he was/is such a BIG influence in my writing, one of the reasons why I started songwriting actually.  AND Superman's Dead was the first song I taught myself on guitar. I thanked him for making music which influenced me to write and he thanked me for saying hello. *swoon*


Also - exciting shows are coming up this summer - Head over to my tour page to see where I'm at next!
If I don't see you at Bier Markt Square One this Thursday, I hope to see you at my birthday party! <3


MAY 21st, 2015
Tonight I play with The Cool Ones at Bier Markt Don Mills! I'm very excited!
I have some announcements to make!
My birthday is coming up and I'd love for you to come!

Also! I'm proud to announce that The Cool Ones and I will be playing the TD Toronto Jazz Festival this June!  We have an incredible line up of artists and bands who will be joining us at Habits Gastropub!


MAY 13th, 2015
I hope you're having a wonderful day! Thanks for visiting my website :)
I'm having trouble with my Bandsintown on Facebook (ugh!) so I'm here to let you know that I've added another Bier Markt date on May 21st at the Don Mills location!

This month:
Thursday May 14th @ Bier Markt Queensway
Saturday May 16th @ The Gladstone Hotel
Monday May 18th @ dunk 'n dip, Mississauga
Thursday May 21st @ Bier Markt Don Mills
Friday May 22nd @ Hirut Restaurant for Arlene Paculan & Super Men
Saturday May 23rd @ Uncorked on Main, Georgetown
Monday May 25th @ dunk 'n dip, Mississauga
Thursday May 28th @ Bier Markt King St
Friday May 29th @ Habits Gastropub
Saturday May 30th @ Hirut Restaurant for Spring Fling
Sunday May 31st @ Music on the Danforth

I will be working with 2105 MARTY Award Winner, Troy DeFour on a new music video for my song "My Plea"!
My 3-song EP will be released in the summer

AND! Mark your calendar for my birthday Tuesday June 9th - I'll be celebrating it at Habits Gastropub with a bunch of friends who will perform and party!!

Hope to see you sometime this month and my birthday!

APRIL 30th, 2015
I can't thank you enough for the time, help and support you gave me throughout the run.  I really appreciate it!
Although I didn't make it to the National Round, I was able to share my music with you, which matters the most to me :)

I had the chance to have my song "Miles Away From You" featured on CBC Radio's "Here and Now" which is their 5pm show along with Metro Morning, which a few other tracks of mine frequent on. :)

I also had a nice comment from a new fan, Wendy Hedge.  She said:
"[Miles Away From You] made me cry. I have so so many Filipino friends that grew up without really knowing their parent(s) because of the sacrifice their parents made working abroad to give them an education and a better life. While working In Saudi Arabia, the western nurses worked four days per week. The Filipino nurses worked six and a half days per week for months at a time before they had real time off. I encourage you all to please listen to this song and support this young woman."
Thank you Wendy!

And thank you to all of you once again for your incredible support!! I look forward to sharing my music with you in the future!! Head over to the TOUR section to see when I perform next. :)


APRIL 21ST, 2015
I'm proud to say that you have helped me make it to the Final Top 10 in the Toronto Region!
I am now competing for THE TOP SPOT in the Toronto Region and I know your daily votes will help me get there :) 
You can vote everyday until 3PM ET April 27th this round. 
Please feel free to spread the word!
I would love to make it to the National Round and have the chance to perform with my band, The Cool Ones, on the Echo Beach stage in Toronto!  It's all thanks to YOU and your amazing support!

Just click on the link and hit VOTE
THANK YOU SO SO MUCH! (You can also just click on the banner:)


APRIL 15th, 2015
I  MADE IT! I made it to the Semi-Finals in the CBC Searchlight Contest! THANK YOU to all who voted!
It is all thanks to YOU!
I need your help for a little longer. 
Can you please continue to vote for me everyday until the voting ends April 20th at 3pm ET?

And if you do the twitter thing, and if you'd like, you can request my song to @CBCRadio!
Be sure to include:
Play @Arlene_Paculan's song #milesawayfromyou @CBCMusic @cbcradio @CBCHereandNow @metromorning

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your help and support!! We will find out the results on April 21st!

April 6th, 2015
I've entered the CBC Searchlight contest and it's based on votes.  Can you please vote for my song, Miles Away From You, everyday until the first round ends on April 13th?  All you have to do is click on the song title here on my page, and click VOTE - and you're done! :)  Feel free to share the song and the information!

Thanks to Peter Linseman from Music Mentor Productions and FACTOR for helping produce this song.
Also, click on the photo below to check out the video for the song! 
I created this song from an experience I had acting in a short film by an incredibly talented filmmaker and the Artistic Director of Carlos Bulosan Theatre, Leon Aureus.  The short film was created 5 years ago and Leon did his magic and fit it into the song. 

Director's Note: "This music video employs footage from a 2010 experimental low/no budget film project entitled 'DAYO'. Translated from Tagalog/Pilipino, 'dayo' means a traveller, a foreigner in a strange land. This film and now music video is an exploration on loneliness, memory, discovery. It follows a young woman, newly immigrated to Canada who must find her own way in this new land, saddened yet also strengthened by memories of the past. Working on the project inspired Arlene Paculan to write this song. It's a song dedicated to the thousands of Filipina/Filipino migrant workers who venture out into the world, often living in isolation and hardship, to find a better life for their families and maybe, just maybe - for themselves. Now with the track set to be released on her upcoming album - travelling full circle - we decided to recut the footage for the music video. Kismet if you ask me." - LA
**Carlos Bulosan Theatre is rolling out some workshops for this spring/summer - so stay tuned for that!**


MARCH 17th, 2015
I'm very excited to announce that I have recently been added to the goDIYrecords roster! They were interested in a couple of my songs and I'm excited for them to find some placement for my recorded tracks :) Yay potential music placements!
I'll be heading to Montreal and performing at Shaika Cafe once again on Saturday April 11th.  I'll be joined by Kathryn Berry and DONSMOOVE.  Hope you can join us if you're in the area!
I got some great news! I'll be performing a Bier Markt near you! Check our my TOUR section for details :)
I'll be busting out my acting chops once again this Saturday March 21st at The Redhead Revue.  Lizzie Violet is putting on a great cabaret style show where the featured red heads (including myself - a wannabe red head :P) and we will be performing a radio play.  For more info, check out the facebook event!
Bye for now! Hope to see you either this Friday March 20th at Hirut Restaurant for some live music with my band, The Cool Ones, or Saturday March 21st with some hot red heads! (See posters below)

MARCH 9, 2015
I hope you're doing well! This month is BUSY - Let's Make Good Productions had an incredible WonderFest 2015 last week and was able to spread empowerment through art! You can see the photos on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/LMGProductions
I am performing a whole bunch this month! I'm very excited to perform at the Bier Markt with my band, The Cool Ones (Sarah Giles, James Faulkner, and Alan Madhaven), this Thursday March 12th and the Gladstone Hotel March 14th. 
Here are my upcoming gigs this month (you can also keep up with my shows on my TOUR page)


FEB 12th, 2015
HAPPY LOVE MONTH! It's been almost two years since my release of "Everything Begins with Love" - you can buy it on iTunes!
I am currently working on a new EP, thanks to Peter Linseman of Music Mentor Productions. Thank you FACTOR for gracing us with another demo grant! 
I am happy to announce that I will be heading over to the UK this fall for a few months!  Tour dates will be announced in the summer. 
I recently submitted my song, "Leave Me Alone" for the Yamaha Songwriters Contest. Thanks to singer/songwriter, Daniella Fabiano, for the amazing help in filming the video and thank you to Lucan from The Central for allowing us to use their venue! You can click on the photo to hear it :)


I'm excited for the incredible things happening very soon!


Also, Let's Make Good Productions is having it's big WonderFest on March 5th at 3030 Dundas West! Hope you guys can come out and see many different artists and motivational speakers!

See you at one of my performances! <3

JAN 22nd, 2015
What an amazing year it's been so far!
Thanks you CBC Radio 1 for playing my song again this week to promote my upcoming show Arlene Paculan & Wonder Women!
I'm excited to do a monthly show at Hirut Restaurant (2050 Danforth Ave) with Wonder Women and Super Men.  Tomorrow's show, I'll be playing with The Cool One, James Faulkner and it's going to be an exciting night sharing the bill with Daniella Fabiano, Candice Sand, and Annie Bonsignore.  There will also be artwork by Kristina Heredia on stage with us!

I have the pleasure of announcing that I will be performing at this year's TD Toronto Jazz Festival all week (June 19-27th) at Habits Gastropub!  I'll be joined by amazing artists every night so I hope you can come and check them out.

Also! Next week I have another residency at Habits Gastropub - every LAST FRIDAY of the month I'll be playing with The Cool Ones!  Jan 30th, I'll be playing with James Faulkner and Jonny Swank!
Sharing the bill with me is Bluebelle and The Briar Woodsmen.  Hope to see you then!

Have a wonderful weekend! :)

DEC 30th, 2014

Happy New Year!! I hope you're having a wonderful holiday!
I'm a little late, however, if you receive my mailing list, then you received my Christmas EP! If you'd like to listen to it and haven't had a chance, you can click HERE to stream it and download it :)

I will be performing on New Year's Eve on the Mississauga Celebration Square Main Stage between 8pm-9pm! Thanks to Khaled Iwamura and insauga.com, we will be starting off the evening with some amazing entertainment! I'll be playing with The Cool One, Jonny Swank.

2015 is coming close and it's going to bring a lot of amazing fun!
I'll be performing every Monday at dunk 'n dip still.

Every 2nd last Friday, I'm performing at Hirut Restaurant (2050 Danforth Ave)
Every last Friday, I'll be performing with The Cool Ones at Habits Gastropub (928 College St)

HAPPY NEW YEAR and I look forward to singing to you and meeting you in 2015!


NOV 3RD, 2014
Oh boy! It's been a while! Some amazing news: I'm going to release a little Christmas EP in December!  AND I'm back at dunk n dip every MONDAY from 7pm - 10pm :)
So so sorry I haven't said HI to you in over a month!  I am here to tell you about my latest adventures from NYC!  (And check out my tour page for upcoming performances)
I drove down with my comedian friend, Keesha Brownie, and we made sure each night was filled with music or comedy or both! I got a chance to meet many other incredible musicians along the way.  Special thanks to Ali Silva for directing me Gus who directed me to Niall Connolly who booked me for a show at The Path Cafe and more special thanks to Sophie and Polly McKie who booked me for a featured spot at Sophie's!
Here is a photo from The Path Cafe

Here's my friends who came that night! L-R Susan, Keesha, Me, Guy, Ron, Casey * Great story about Susan and Ron - we met when I was performing on the VIA Rail back in August and I found out they were from NYC so we kept in touch and they came out to support! Thanks so much for coming out!! <3

This is from Sophie's! What a great night!

And one fun fact: Keesha and I got to sit in on an SNL taping where we saw Bill Hader and Hosier!  I gave my CD to the following superstars! (Bobby Moynihan and Sasheer Zamata)

Check out my TOUR page for upcoming gigs!

SEPT 25TH, 2014
Hello! I hope you've been enjoying the tail end of summer.
Kat Leonard and I had a wonderful time in LA for Wonder Women LA! Thanks again to the lovely April Snow of "Lookin' For Trouble" blues band who brought the show down to Arcadia Blues Club.  The event brought about 150 people on a Sunday when the club isn't usually open to the public! There were incredible performers and visual artists involved and I hope you get to meet them one day!

Here are some of the ladies who were involved:

Photo by Rebecca Peloquin (from left to right back row: Crystal Fabos, Tami Bahat, Chelsea Bayouth, Kat Leonard, April Snow, Me!, Niambi Sims, C.R. Cohen/ front row: Leah Hanna King, Ariel Maccarone, Marcy Ferro, Rebekah Sechrist. Missing: Color Me Home, Julia Othmer)

Photo by Rebecca Peloquin - our little pow wow before the show

Photo by Rebecca Peloquin - Kat, April and I

Photo by Rebecca Peloquin - April and I explaining where Wonder Women came from - check out www.wonderwomenworld.tumblr.com for our history! For more photos that Rebecca took of my performance, click here!
There are also MORE photos of the event taken by Peter Zuehlke! Just click here!

Photo by Kat! There's Julia Othmer! and my amazing cousin Melissa Labrador and Kat Leonard!
The LA trip was amazing - I also got to perform at the Downtown Anaheim Farmers Market again where I got an awesome Red Hot Chilli Peppers shirt. :)

Check out my tour page to find out where I'll be singing next!  See you then!

SEPT 2nd, 2014
What a lovely summer we had, despite the inconsistent weather - at least we had some hot humid days!
I'm heading out to LA for a few shows! The major one is Wonder Women LA Edition! April Snow of "Looking for Trouble" Blues Band has went ahead and produced this amazing show using my idea of Wonder Women and we will be performing along side other talented women on Sunday September 7th!  Also, there are tons of new performances dates - check out my tour page to see where I'll be next!

I had a great time out in Vancouver, Edmonton, and Winnipeg performing for many
different audiences.  Here are some shots of the people I performed with and some of my performances.
Music night at Trees Organic in Vancouver with fellow songwriters, Michael Holland (Vancouver) and Lani Nash (Nashville)

Wonder Women at Cafe Deux Soliels in Vancouver (L-R: Arlene, Ajaye Jardine, Deborah Ledon)

WonderFest Edmonton Edition! (L-R: Jenna Rodgers, Justine Vandergrift, Arlene, Back: Jeremy Kornel, Front: Emilee Boutilier, Marco Corbo and Missing: Dwennimmen)

Manitoba Filipino Street Festival (Two performances!)

AUGUST 14TH, 2014

I am safe in Vancouver from my VIA Rail On Board Entertaining.  What a fun trip from Toronto to Vancouver.  I was able to play my way to Vancouver in different cars on the train.  I met such amazing people!  One in particular was a couple who ended up being my groupies because they came to at least three of my eight performances on the train. The food was exceptional and the staff was delightful.  I can't wait to travel and sing my way across Canada again. :)

I'm gearing up to do a couple shows this weekend.  Check out my tour page for details in Vancouver!

Here are some photos of my VIA Rail experience:
Leaving Toronto

First of many performances on the VIA Rail

Another Performance - this one was packed!

Performing at Winnipeg Station

Another performance - so fun!

Val, Rowan, and Scott were my amazing choir singers for a fun set!

Jasper Station is BEAUTIFUL

This was my home for a few days

Gorgeousness of the ride from Jasper to Vancouver

This lake is so cool because it's two colours coming together!

JULY 30th, 2014
I had an incredible time last Saturday doing three shows with The Cool Ones!  We first played a few songs at the Mississauga Celebration Square for the Fiesta Ng Kalayaan Festival.  Then we rushed over to the Lakeshore West Music Fest to perform in front of the Liaison College of Culinary Arts.  Then we ended the night off at the Gladstone for a fun gig that Heather Brissenden and Matt Zadovich played at as well.  Thanks to The Cool Ones for this time around: Sarah Giles, Nelson Sobral, and Miquelon Rodriguez.
Here are some photos of the amazing triple header day!
Fiesta - (L-R: Shot from my point of view, photo credit Matt Paculan)

(L-R: Lakeshore West Music Fest, Gladstone Hotel)


Check out my tour page for upcoming events!
JULY 23rd, 2014
I had a GREAT time at the GIRLS ROCK CAMP in Mississauga yesterday where I did a couple workshops about Songwriting!  The girls are amazing and they came up with great lyrics.  The theme of the songs were to do with Strength in Girls - pretty much what a Wonder Woman is to them.  Here's what they came up with:
"Roll" Group

She craves to be brave/caring and sharing/She speaks from the heart because she's very smart/loud proud and talented
And that's how it is to be me/Singing loud, proud, and free/Seeking my own destiny/And that's how it is to be free
She has long hair and doesn't care/she's really loud and very proud/She's hard working and amazing at twerking/She's very cute in her cheetah suit
She seems very loud a girl that's unique/she's always so proud and makes your knees weak/ She speaks her mind and from her heart/She's always known as kind and smart
Honey she is funny and so brave/She is wise and on the rise/Can't you see she's loud and proud/She's unique and you'll see her beauty everlasting in your dreams

"Rock" Group:

She makes me smile every once and a while/She's an amazing girl/She lights up the world/She's as brave as a tiger, she likes to inspire/She's smart and kind, she's the girl everyone wants to find
I'm a bee, that's me/Sharing kindness, I fly free/Music makes me happy as can be/As you see, that's me!
She is awesome because she has a possum/Watch out boys she'll make some noise/She likes does and fluffy hedgehogs/Barbie doesn't need any Ken, goodbye this is the end/We forgot one thing, Ring a ding ding

So fun! Thanks Girls Rock Camp Mississauga for having me this year.  Let's rock out!

JULY 21ST, 2014
Great news! We are scheduled to hit the Celebration Square stage for Fiesta Ng Kalayaan for 4:15pm.  I'm performing a couple songs during this great Filipino event!

Also we have Matt Zadkovich and Heather Brisennden opening for us at the Gladstone - Ballroom.  9pm - 11pm! Free Event!


JULY 20TH, 2014
Hello! Unfortunatly my outdoor gigs were either rescheduled or cancelled due to the rainy weather.
The Lakeshore West Music Fest has been rescheduled to Saturday July 26th at 6:30pm-7:30pm.  This will be right between two songs at the Mississauga Celebration Square for the Fiesta Ng Kalayaan at 4:15pm and The Gladstone at at 9pm!


I'm still at dunk 'n dip for the rest of the month, then I'm off in August - and it depends if they still need live music during the fall.
I'm also at the Port Credit Night Market on July 25th - sometime after 9pm.  See you sometime soon!

JULY 15TH, 2014
This month is going by FAST!
I have a whole bunch of cool shows lined up for the rest of the month - check out my tour page to find out when you can see me play solo next or with The Cool Ones!  Who are The Cool Ones?  They change every now and then but they are called that because of how you say my last name "Pah-Cool-In" I thought it was fun!

I'll be on the radio in Montreal TONIGHT! Tune in to www.cjlo.com or if you're in Montreal turn your dial to 1690AM between 10-11pm.  I'll be chatting with DJ Mister Vee on BFTE Media / Beats From The East Radio!

This Saturday July 19th, I have a double header and will be performing at two events!  Toronto west enders and FAMILIES can check out the Lakeshore West Music Fest at 6pmThe Cool Ones for this show are Miquelon Rodriguez and Sarah Giles

If you're not available or you just want to check out more music in the evening, head over to the Amsterdam Bicycle Club at 10pm and have a pint and some delicious dinner!

My Mini West Coast tour/vacation is pretty much booked! I'm looking forward to singing on the VIA Rail once again - this time to Vancouver! I'll be stopping off in Vancouver (August 15 & 16), Edmonton (August 19th - WonderFest Edmonton Edition!), and Winnipeg (August 23) for some live performances. Details will follow soon!

Until next time - which will be sooner than last,
Arlene! <3


JUNE 26th, 2014
It's been a very amazing June and I'm looking forward to the summer!  I hope you are as well!
THANK YOU to all those who have supported me in the past by coming out to shows, retweeting tweets, sharing facebook events/things, anyone who has really believed in my music, really!  THANK YOU!

I'm heading to the west side of Canada in August on the VIA Rail, singing to the passengers, on the way.  VIA Rail has an amazing artist program that allows musicians to ride the rails for music!  I've done it twice to Halifax, once with Kat Leonard and it's the life I want - eat, sleep, play.  Fun!

Along with that, April Snow, lead vocalist of Lookin’ for Trouble blues band, and recent Blues Hall of Fame inductee, has been so AMAZING in helping organize Wonder Women L.A. Edition for September! Check out the website: http://wonderwomenla.com/press

I've updated my tour page - see when you can come check out live shows with The Cool Ones or solo shows! (The Cool Ones is my amazing band that changes every now and then, but I thought since I introduce my last name as "Pa-cool-in", what better name to call the band!)

I think that's it for now! Follow me on Twitter @Arlene_Paculan or instagram @ourleanpea for more current updates :) <3

JUNE 3RD, 2014
Happy June! I'm so excited that the weather has been absolutely beautiful!  I have been getting to enjoy it on the patio at Wingporium as I play there on Sundays from 7pm-10pm!  I'll be there this Sunday June 8th, however, since the World Cup is happening the week after, the sports bar will take a break from the live music for a bit.  See my tour section for exact dates on upcoming performances!

I will be performing at a really cool show called Showcase Thirteen which is put on by the owners of Village Vinyl, Keith and Karen.  They have picked 13 artists/bands that have graced their record shop and we are all performing at the Assembly Hall on Friday June 13th for 13 bucks! How awesome! You can only get advanced tickets by visiting their website.  It's almost sold out! I will be joined on stage by The Cool Ones: Nelson Sobral of the Melting Pot and Sarah Giles, who've you've seen with me before!

ROAD TRIP announcement!  I'm planning on heading down to BC for a lovely trip and performance experience!  I'm excited to say that I will be on board the VIA Rail once again, but this time to Vancouver.  I'm excited! I'm setting up WonderFest events in Edmonton, Vancouver, and hopefully Regina too! I'm pleased to announce I'll be part of the Filipino Street Fest in Manitoba this year.  Check out my tour page for more details!

That's it for now.  Hope to see you sometime this month! <3

MAY 22, 2014
Tonight! I'll be performing at the Positive Music Imperative event happening at the Amsterdam Bicycle Club (54 The Esplanade, Toronto).  I will also be starting up patio season by playing covers and originals at Wingporium from 7pm - 10pm on Sunday May 25th.  Hopefully this will be a regular thing!  Dunk 'n dip times have changed slightly, I'll be starting at 7:30 and ending at 10pm every Tuesday!

Oh I should also mention that I got to meet Hazel McCallion again!  And hug her!
I was awarded the Hazel McCallion Volunteer of the Year MARTY Award on May 8th at the Living Arts Centre.
Congrats to all those nominated and awarded! Thank you Mississauga Arts Council for all your amazing help and support!

Photos: (left) courtesy of Melissa Labrador, (right) courtesy of Mississauga Arts Council

MAY 7, 2014
Rebel 14 is happening this week!  If you're not familiar with what that is, it's a week long event that is free for the youth (and everyone young at heart) by the youth.  I was fortunate to host the Rebel Talent Showcase that took place at the Clarke Memorial Hall in Port Credit.
 (photo credit Mississauga Arts Council)

There are plenty of chances to check my performance around the GTA in new venues! I'm excited to perform at Amsterdam Bicycle Club, Kensington Lodge and Cagney's along with other great venues: dunk 'n dip, Habits Gastropub, Credit Valley Hospital, Failtes, and more!  Check out my tour page!

And the Sauga Stars Showcase as the Meadowvale Theatre with BILLY TALENT was a lot of fun!  There was technical problems right before I was going to start my song - which was totally cool and understandable that things happen like that - but I managed to stall and keep the audience entertained by my silly banter. :)

Thanks to Trevor Matthews and Quin Faria for joining me on stage that evening!

Trevor and I did a really cool Billy Talent cover!  You can hear/see it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=by6kn53WGek

HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEK and I hope to see you at one of my shows this month! <3

APRIL 21, 2014

I hope you had a wonderful long weekend!
I'm excited for this week!  There are a bunch of places I'll be singing some tunes at!
Every Tuesday I'm at Dunk'n Dip 7pm - 9:30pm.  They have delicious savoury crepes! And macarons!  Not macaroons, macarons!  Google it!

Thursday April 24th, I'll be the music feature for at The Beautiful & The Damned hosted by DM Moore at The Central.  This event starts at 7pm and there is another feature as well as an open mic section!

Friday April 25th I'll be performing alongside many other artists at Sauga Stars Youth Showcase hosted by Mississauga's own Billy Talent!

and Saturday April 26th, I'm scooting over to Montreal to play at this fun show:
Kathryn Berry, Arlene Paculan, Donsmoove, and Keesha Brownie in Montreal at Cafe Shaika!

Hope to see your beautiful face sometime this week!


APRIL 14, 2014
Thank you to all the wonderful people who came to see my performances this past weekend at the Gladstone Hotel and Village Vinyl!
Special thanks to Edward Monzon, Sarah Giles, and Miquelon Rodriguez for playing with me!

Alistair MacDonald, Wall Street Journalist, was in the audience and tweeted this sweet message!

Check out my tour page for upcoming shows this week!  I have two! :)
Then I'm heading down to visit my baseball player superstar of a brother this weekend!  Hopefully the weather is better in Urbana then it is here :P

I should also mention that I've been nominated for a MARTY award.  Thanks Mississauga Arts Council!
There is a PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARDS that require votes!
Feel free to vote for myself or anyone you want :)
Click on the logo:

to vote for me under the PERFORMING ARTS category.

Thank you for your support!! Mmmwuah!

APRIL 8, 2014
WonderFest was a success!  Thank you to all those that came out to perform or support the event where we aim to spread empowerment through art! Special thanks to Joe and the Revival for letting us have the event there.
Here is a great review by Cate McKim about the event!

This Saturday April 12th, I'll be joined by the incredible talents: Miquelon Rodriguez, Sarah Giles, and Edward Monzon again at the Gladstone Hotel!  We have some new tunes and new sounds that will make you want to shake your bootay.  Maybe.  There's always room to dance!  Show starts at 9pm! Here is the facebook event! https://www.facebook.com/events/774281075916676/

I was in the latest edition of Good Life Magazine that gets distributed in Mississauga! 
You can view it online here:
http://goodlifemississauga.com/125-gl-2014/arlene.html You'll learn a lot about me and why I am still soft spoken.  :)

AND lastly for this post...
I'm excited to announce that I'll be taking part of this AMAZING showcase that is hosted by Billy Talent! Tickets are already sold out! 
Thank you Mississauga Arts Council for creating a platform to showcase local talent!!


APRIL 1, 2014
According to Wikipedia, April Fools' Day (sometimes called All Fools' Day) is an informal holiday celebrated every year on April 1. It is not a national holiday, but is widely recognized and celebrated in various countries as a day when people play practical jokes and hoaxes on each other, called April fools.[1] Hoax stories are also often found in the press and media on this day. 


No April Fools over here!  This stuff below is as true as my love for cheesecake - which I no longer have unless I take some lactose pills.

This is what I'm up to this week.  I hope you can come and say hi!
Tuesday April 1st, 2014 dunk 'n dip (241 Lakeshore Rd., E Mississauga) 7:00pm - 9:30pm * FREE
Saturday April 5th, 2014 The Meeting House (2700 Bristol Circle, Oakville, Ontario L6H 6E1) Celebrate God's Love with Ray An Fuentes
7:00pm * FREE
Sunday April 6th, 2014 WonderFest: Spreading Empowerment Through Art! The Revival (783 College Street, Toronto, Ontario M6G 1C5)
Free Workshop @ 2pm, Free Networking @ 4pm, Wonder Women and Super Men Concert @ 7pm (doors open at 6pm) $10 advanced, $15 at the door.  However!  Because of your amazing support, here is the promo code for a discount on advanced tickets: LMGAPRIL2014
Just head over to www.wonderfest2014.eventbrite.ca to purchase tickets!
More info: www.wonderwomenworld.tumblr.com

MARCH 27, 2014
Sorry for the late update!
So many things are going on and I'm excited to let you know that WonderFest is coming in under two weeks!

Let's Make Good Productions' ever-growing WonderFest returns to Toronto for another year, spreading empowerment through art. This year’s event promises to build on the popularity and success of previous years – empowering people of all ages and backgrounds to use creativity and art in their everyday lives. The one-day event will take place on Sunday, April 6th at the Revival Bar in Toronto (783 College St.). The art-packed schedule includes a musical workshop, networking, and a culminating concert featuring musicians, poets, visual artists, and comedians (welcome to everyone from all levels, as spectators or participants). Tickets for the concert are $10 in advance, and $15 at the door. Advance tickets can be found at: https://wonderfest2014.eventbrite.ca/ If you share the event via Facebook or Twitter, you will receive a promo code to get discounted tickets!
Here's the Event Schedule:
2-4pm: Synergy Jam Workshop
A Cappella Jam + Synergy Session team up for a flash mob style jam session. Come sing, play, and leave feeling inspired! All styles, traditions and levels are welcome.
4-5:30pm: Networking
7-9pm: Concert (doors open at 6PM)

I am part of this year's Searchlight contest on CBC Radio - and you can vote daily!
Do you mind casting a vote for me please? :)
This is the link: http://music.cbc.ca/#/artists/Arlene-Paculan If you scroll down, you'll see a big button that says: VOTE FOR THIS ARTIST.
Thank you for your votes in advanced!

AND! Thanks to Perry Lefko and Steve Uhraney, there is an article about me in the latest Good Life Magazine!  If you don't receive it, stay tuned for the web version - it's not up yet.


FEB 19, 2014
Thank you to all that came out to the show on Feb. 13th at the Cameron House!
We had a great night!  I wanted to do something more fun and exciting so I got off the piano and guitar to sing a new tune and played some songs you could groove to.  Woo!  Here are some photos of the evening:


(Guitar: Edward Monzon, Bass: Sarah Giles, Drums: Miquelon Rodriguez, opening act: Brent Miller LIVE, host: Kat Leonard)

Next show (aside from dunk 'n dip) is March 1st!

And the Four Winds Collective hit the Central Stage on Feb. 27th @ 7pm for the Beautiful and the Damned!

FEB 12, 2014

Guess what!?
Tomorrow night I get to grace the Cameron House Back Room stage with some talented artists: Edward Monzon is the lead singer/guitarist for The Muso Project.  Sarah Giles is the bassist for Brent Miller Live.  And my favourite drummer in the world, Mickey Rodriguez, is keeping me in time and giving us a beat tomorrow night.  Mickey is also a dj and you can find him at a Mardi Gras party on March 1st!  Here is the facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/469252466513376/

Also! I have some great news! I will also be performing in another Rogers TV show coming at the end of February.  Let's just say that I get to play music and sing weekly on the new TV show :)

See you tomorrow at the Cameron House! 8:00pm doors, 9:00pm is when the music starts!

JAN 19, 2014
On Thursday Jan 16th, I competed in Robbie Hancock's "Southern Ontario's Songwriting Competition" and advanced to the Semi Finals which take place on March 6th!  If you're in the Fergus area, come out to BrewHouse on the Grand (170 St David Street South Fergus, ON, Canada N1M 2L3) around 7:30pm to hear some amazing talents compete for $1500! 

I also had a wonderful interview with Perry Lefko of Goodlife Mississauga Magazine who was intrigued with my story of being such a shy girl and yet - I know - I'm creating a career as an entertainer.  Well, what the mind can conceive and believe, we can acheive.  I didn't let my introvert and shyness keep me from my love of creating and performing.  There are times when I get too nervous to perform or host an event - but after a few notes on the piano or a few lines said, I find that I am truly at home.

This week, I'm at dunk 'n dip and performing at the Credit Valley Hospital on Thursday Jan 23rd at 10am!  Hope you can come and say hi at either one!

Also, check out my tour page for added dates!

<3 What you think about comes about - so think that GREAT things are coming your way!

JAN 7, 2014
I hope you all had a lovely week!!
I have been reading JOHN C. MAXWELL'S book "Beyond Talent" and one of the ideas he brought up was Oprah's gratitude journal.  Basically you write down 5 things that you're thankful for from that day.  I know the day isn't done yet, but I'm most certainly thankful for all of my fans and supporters who have come along with me on my journey to the music world! THANK YOU to all of you!!

I will be posting things I'm thankful for throughout the course of this website life :)  Hope you find something you're thankful for today!

Tonight starts my weekly performances at dunk 'n dip.  I hope to see you tonight despite the c-c-cold weather!

And hot off the Photoshop press, here is the poster of my next big show with a drawing that the talented Jamie Mottola created!


JAN 2, 2014

I hope you had a wonderful holiday and rang in the New Year with lots of family, friends, fun, and LOVE! :)  Everything does begin with love, after all!

Just some news about the benefit concerts we had last year for the Typhoon Haiyan Relief.  We raised in total $1440 between the two shows and sent it to the Canadian Red Cross in time for the government to match it dollar for dollar!

Mississauga News is my favourite local newspaper and a great support of my music - and they came out to do a story on the benefit concert in Mississauga!  You can read it here: http://www.mississauga.com/community-story/4273251-singers-unite-for-haiyan-fundraiser/

Access Peel from Rogers TV Peel came out to take some coverage on the event and you can catch it on TV at the follow airtimes:

Friday Jan 3rd at 11pm
Sat Jan 4th 4pm
Sun, Jan 5th 5pm
Mon Jan 6th 11am & 4pm & 8pm
Tue Jan 7th 8pm
Wed Jan 8th 8pm

Performance News!
I will be at 'dunk 'n dip' EVERY TUESDAY from 7pm-9:30pm starting January 7th! It is a very fancy and delicious dessert place that is perfect for any occasion!

Check out my tour page for more show dates!

NOV 13, 2013
The Typhoon Hiayan is a terrible tragedy that happened in the Philippines.  Luckily my parent's family and relatives weren't affected but an estimated 10,000 lives were taken away and more than 5.4 million people have been affected by the storm across 40 provinces.
With that said, I'm organizing TWO benefit concerts with Let's Make Good Productions - one in Mississauga and one in Toronto.
Toronto date is set for:
SUNDAY NOVEMBER 24TH at THE CENTRAL (603 MARKHAM ST., TORONTO) at 1pm - 4pm.  We are asking for $10 donations or more and ALL proceeds will be going to the RED CROSS where the  he Government of Canada will match the donations of individual Canadians between November 8 and December 9, 2013.
I will also be donating part of my CD sales at my live shows to the relief fund.
Mississauga date - TBD
I hope you can come and join me on this quest to help the country my parents are from.  Together we can make a difference!

NOV 1, 2013
November already!  It's a month of Remembrance and lots of shows!

But! Before I get right into it, I should let you know (or remind you if you already know) that I co-host a TV show on Rogers TV Peel called "insauga.com podcast" with Khaled Iwamura.  We go live every Tuesday at 6pm and you can even call us!  We talk about what's going on in Mississauga.  There is usually an element of food - which means, we get to eat food from places around Mississauga - and that's my favourite part!  We had some cool guests in the past including DJ Starting from Scratch (Russell Peters' DJ), the owner of Burger's Priest, and Shyann!  If you tune in to future episodes, you'll see a workout challenge and a figure skating vs. hockey challenge between me and Khaled, the co-host.  Yes! I used to figure skate :)

I recently performed at the Credit Valley Hospital in their lobby on a baby grand Steinway.  It was so nice to perform to the patients especially, as well as the staff and visitors.  I even got some tips in the form of chocolate! (I didn't tell them I don't eat chocolate, the thought was very nice)  I'll be heading back to perform at the hospital on Nov 21 and 28 at 10:30am.  So if you know anyone there, let them know I'm singing in the atrium!

Here's a quick schedule for my upcoming shows  in November! (See TOUR for more information)
Thursday November 14th - Habits Gastropub, Toronto
Tuesday November 19th - Cusina, Toronto
Thursday November 21st - Credit Valley Hospital, Mississauga
Sunday November 24th - The Rivoli, Toronto
Thursday November 28th - Credit Valley Hospital, Mississauga
Friday November 29th - Second Cup, Mississauga

Chat soon!
Arlene :)

OCT 22, 2013
NYC WAS AMAZING!  Have you ever been? You should definitely go!

Here are some photos of my trip with my number one fan: Mom!

I was fortunate to attend the CMJ Music Marathon Conference which took place in NYU.  There were tons of talented industry people and artists who were speaking as well as performing.  I represented insauga.com podcast and will be sharing some tips I learned on our LIVE TV show TODAY at 6pm on Rogers TV Peel!  (Encore presentations will be available and the podcast will be available online)

I went to three open mics:
Cafe @ Broadway
Cleopatra's Needle and
Paddy Reilly's Music Bar

I had my first NYC gig at The Astor Room in Astoria, Queens NY!  This venue had a 1920s kind of feel and was at the corner of Kaufman Film Studios.

Mom and I loved New York so much - their subway system was amazing, the excitement of it all really overwhelmed us, and the people were very nice in the music venues we visited.  So. Awesome!

Well, my next performance takes place Thursday November 14th at Habits Gastropub and I will be joined by some amazing and talented friends of mine!

Here is the facebook invite! https://www.facebook.com/events/1401109073458035/?fref=ts

More show dates!

November 24th - Rivoli - More details to come!

December 5th - Moose & Goose - Faimont Royal York Hotel
Ticket info: https://secure.e2rm.com/registrant/TicketingWelcome.aspx?eventid=125708&langpref=en-CA&referrer=direct%2fnone

December 8th - Four Winds perform with Kat Leonard at Lizzie Violet's Caberat Noir

December 19th - Maja Prentice Theatre - more details to come!

OCT 3,2013
GREAT NEWS!! I'm heading to NYC for my very first time and I'm super excited because I'll be attending the CMJ Music Conference as PRESS (for insauga.com podcast of course!) and will be schmoozing with people at the big event!! Hopefully I can get an interview set up with Lindi Ortega who is from Toronto!   

Mark your calendars!!
Oct 17th - The Astor Room- 34-12 36th St, Astoria, Queens NY
November 14th - Habits Gastropub (joined by Aynsley Saxe, Roveena, Bryan Pickell, Miquelon Rodriguez, and Shyann)

December 5th - Moose & Goose - Faimont Royal York Hotel
Ticket info: https://secure.e2rm.com/registrant/TicketingWelcome.aspx?eventid=125708&langpref=en-CA&referrer=direct%2fnone

December 8th - Four Winds Holiday Fun! Venue TBA

SEPT 27 2013

Thank you to thHUMANprojekt who has been so amazing in setting up my new website!! Let's give him a big high-five!

I'll be performing at the DOORS OPEN/CULTURE DAYS event tomorrow


At the Bradley Museum.  My set times are 11:30am and 1:30pm. For more details, click here: http://www.mississauga.ca/portal/discover/doorsopenmississauga And click on MAC PERFORMANCES

Then on SUNDAY SEPT 29TH, 2013

The Four Winds Collective will be heading over to Wyebridge to help save a church! Tickets are $15 in advanced and $20 at the door

May 28th, 2013
Hello! I hope you’re having a beautifully glorious day!

I’d like to invite you to my CD RELEASE PARTY on Friday June 21st!! will be joined by Miquelon Rodriguez, Sarah Giles, and Peter Linseman as I perform my set of originals and fun covers. Kat Leonard will be warming up the show with her comedic songs and energetic performance.